Cooking is one of my favorite pass times. Though not a professional, I try to stick and adhere to the recipes. This is really not as easy as it sounds, since the equipment of chefs are different from our everyday kitchen appliances. That is why, I decided to invest a bit in my passion. After all, if you don’t spend money for what you like, then for what will you. The recipe I was working on needed special knives, so I bought this kitchen knife set online. It is called the Miracle Blade 12-Piece Professional Chef’s Knife Set.

The product came with a magnetic mount that eases the process of storing them. In fact, my kitchen is not that spacious, so that was a big plus. There are 12 knives as the name indicates. At first, this number overwhelmed me. I purchased them, but did not even know where to start with them. So I researched a bit. The set has a slicer, a long knife used to slice meat, sushi and help with preparing fish, and a carving knife, a shorter knife used to cut thinner pieces of meat. Then there are the paring knife and the chef’s knife, which were the all-in-one cutting solution. These two are probably the knives that even the chefs use the same way I used my previous kitchen knife. Or at least, I like to think they do.


Included in the set are also other specific knives like the chopping, cheese or fillet knife. It took some time to get used to them. But I can proudly say, I already had the mastery of the 4 steak knives.

Everyone of them is different, but they are all made in stainless steel. They have stayed sharp. What I really like, is the fact that they can be easily washed in the dishwasher. They said to me that the set was the best in the market. I cannot disagree to that.

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