Having these three main knives in your kitchen will certainly ease your life. The knives that I’m talking about is an 8-inch chef’s knife, a 6-inch utility knife, and a 3-1/2-inch paring knife. The most mentioned knife brands in the knife blogs I read were the Wusthof and the Shun which are exceptional in making their knives the best chef’s knives. The chef’s knives that I’m talking about is the Wusthof Classic 3-Piece Knife Set and the Shun Classic 3-Piece Knife Set.

The Differences

The most obvious difference is the blade. The Wusthof’s blade is made out of high-carbon stainless steel that has been forged. The Shun on the other hand, is made out of premium Japanese stainless steel that has been cladded with 32 layers of stainless alloy. This creates a Damascus look on the knife which is a selling point for some.

The Shun’s edge has been sharpened up to 16 degrees but it has a slightly thinner blade than the Wusthof. The 16 degree angle makes it much sharper than the traditional western knives. The handle of the knife is made out of PakkaWood which might look slippery but it’s not. It is rounder than normal knives.

The Secured Handle

The Wusthof knife has a full tang which is why the whole knife is perfectly balanced. The handle is secured to the metal with three rivets. It is also very easy to hold. This knife doesn’t require much effort as it can slice through ingredients with just its weight. How amazing is that? With the utility and paring knife, I don’t think you will need a new kitchen set anytime soon. Do dry these knives after washing them to avoid rust stains. Even though the Wusthof and Shun are durable and corrosion resistant, you would want to maintain the condition of the knives as you will be paying a high price for it.

Many people have given either one of these as gifts and the feedback were amazing. It’s also very easy to wrap as it comes in a box. Not only do you get razor sharp knives and premium quality of food, you also get a lifetime warranty.

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