Miami Medical Marijuana Card (MMMJ Card) Application

Miami Medical Marijuana Card (MMMJ Card) Application

Are you a toker who smoke for thrills and just wants to get stoned, or a patient who needs weed medication? If you belong to the latter part, assuming that you might be thinking of one thing right now and that is, how to apply for Medical Marijuana card in Miami? Since the abundance of weed dispensaries are sky-rocketing across the state due to the long, lengthy process weed growers had to undergo in order to legally establish a medical dispensary. 

And now, stores are all up, operating for business, with vaporizer devices for medical marijuana and many of the residents in Miami wonder how to get hold of their own Medical Marijuana Card. The good thing is, the process for applying for your own MMJ card is easy. Once you have all the necessary requirements, documents and paid the corresponding fees you don’t have to worry anymore. 

Here’s a quick and detailed guideline on how to get yourself a Medical Marijuana Card in Miami.  

Step #1: Medical Records  

The first step, well, it is quite simple. It is securing your medical records and physician’s statement with signature. The signing physician should be registered in the state with the MMJ Use Registry (Medical Marijuana Use Registry). And keep in mind that you should be at least a patient of 3 months prior to diagnosis of the ordering doctor. 

Miami, Florida had set some standard requirements for applying patients to be qualified to use Medical Marijuana/Cannabis or low-THC cannabis. 

  • Must be a citizen of Florida 
  • Patients under 18 years of age require a second physician that agrees to the use the treatment. 
  • Must be diagnosed with a qualifying condition. 
  • Tried several treatments but proved to be not successful 
  • Must be registered to Compassionate Care Registry (also known as Medical Marijuana Card by their ordering physician. 
  • Ordering physician must determine that the treatment will be beneficiary for the patient. 

The following are a list of the medical conditions that patients diagnosed with it can avail legal protection under the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative. Based on Amendment 2:  

  • Cancer  
  • Epilepsy  
  • Crohn’s disease  
  • Lou Gehrig’s disease (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis)  
  • Glaucoma  
  • Seizures  
  • AIDS/HIV  
  • Parkinson’s disease  
  • Chronic muscle spasms  
  • Multiple sclerosis  
  • PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)  

Also, please do keep this information in mind that to apply for the MMJ (Medical Marijuana) card in the state of Florida, one must be a resident of the state. One of the requirements is providing a proof or document that you are indeed a resident of the state. For example, a Florida Identification Card. It is still possible for a non-Florida resident to apply for the Medical Marijuana Card but it depends on the situation. A case-to-case basis and it is decided by Florida’s Department of Health.  


Step #2: Compassionate Care Registry  

The second step is registering your name to the C.C.R. or the Compassionate Care Registry. Once you all fulfilled step 1, and you are qualified to register for the Medical Marijuana Card. The physician will have your name and all information registered to the C.C.R. which is mandated by the United States Department of Health. Application for a Medical Marijuana Card is not applicable until you are registered successfully.  

Take note:  

  • Either, you, your physician or a legal representative can deliver the application.  
  • Registration to the Compassionate Care Registry must be done by their ordering physician.  


Step #3: Submission Of Completed Application  

Once step 2 is accomplished, the next thing to do is submit the complete application form to the office of the Medical Marijuana Use. If for some reason you cannot deliver the application form to their office, you can have either, your physician or a legal representative to hand it over in your behalf. (Expect additional charges if you are thinking to have your physician or a legal representative do the work for you.)  

By far, the third step is the longest of all. It might take a month for your application to pass-on approval. Even if you submitted your papers nice and neatly organized. The D.O.H. (Department of Health) will have to review your application before issuing you an MMJ (Medical Marijuana Card).  


How Much Is A Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ)?  

Now, we all know that taking out and spending money is inevitable, right? After all, it is the Medical Marijuana Card we are talking about. There are two initial fees that should be taken care of, first the registration fee of $75 for the application of Medical Marijuana Card or MMJ, and second, around $100-$300 dollars just for the physician’s consultation. Also, your MMJ card is only valid for 70 days and you have to renew it after that. 


Will My Medical Marijuana Card Had Expire? 

Maintaining your MMJ card (Medical Marijuana Card) also known as Compassionate Use Registry ID one must submit an annual renewal application with the required application fee and documents to be attached. This applies to patients or legal representatives. Submission should be forty-five (45) days prior to the expiration date of the card.  


Is My Medical Marijuana Card (MMJ) Valid Outside Miami, Florida? 

Most likely not, according to the current law. Patients who had acquired their Medical Marijuana Card can only use their medical prescription within the state’s territory. If you are an MMJ card holder and planning to take a vacation outside the state, expect to have a hard time bringing along your medications with you. Even if medical marijuana patients and a holder of MMJ card can still face federal and local charges if caught transporting marijuana across the state. This is a fact, even if the state allows medical marijuana, if ever you needed to travel with your medical marijuana, the wisest move is to learn first the law that is being mandated by the state you wanted to travel to. It would also be best to find the best vaporizers for medical marijuana so you can get the most out of your materials. You do not want to risk breaking rules traveling with your medical herb.  


Owning An MMJ Card (Medical Marijuana Card) Entitles Me To Grow Weed? 

Not a chance, Florida’s law does not tolerate this and besides that, the application is for the sole purpose of medical treatment only. Keep in mind that despite the fact of owning a Marijuana Medical Card, marijuana is still illegal under federal laws. Overall, following the state’s law and understanding how it works will prove highly beneficial for everyone who wanted to take advantage of Miami’s Medical Marijuana Card.