Victorinox is one of the most recognized and renowned brands when it comes to knives. This name is not only famous for its kitchen knives set but the brand mainly owes its popularity to their Swiss Army Knife. The Swiss company Victorinox Forschner offers a plethora of kitchen knives which are sold as different knives set or individually.

victorinox knives
My favourite knife set.

Personally, I have used the Victorinox kitchen knife set. I would agree indeed with some people who claim that the prices are high but the quality and durability of the apparatus outweighs the financial encumbrance.

As a child, I grew up watching my parents use the Swiss Army Knife for several purposes, sometimes to gut a fish, other times to chop vegetables and meat and even to open a frustratingly difficult plastic packaging.

Seeing the effectiveness and the sharpness of Victorinox Knives, I was mesmerized. It has now been several years since when I have been using Victorinox Knives and never until now have I actually been disappointed by them.

Victorinox in fact offers both stamped and forged knives. Their stamped knives are indubitably of better quality compared to forged ones due to the very process of manufacture of the stamped ones.

Yet, all Victorinox Knives that I own-forged and stamped- are still very effective as they have retained their sharpness for a very long time despite how much I have overused them.

Additionally, the knives handle are very easy and soft to handle. In fact, the black Fibrox handle minimizes wrist strain by giving the knives an ergonomic feel and not to forget that the stamped ones are indeed very light to use.

Last but not least, when I purchased my Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set, I obtained lifetime warranty and this apples to all other Victorinox products. The metal doesn’t corrode throughout use and also doesn’t rust.

Rather than wasting your time and money on purchasing a new set of cheap,poor quality kitchen knives annually throughout your lifetime, it would be wiser to invest your capital into more durable products such as the Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set which I personally recommend.

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